Answers to the DAT

1. The Stock Issues: Topicality, Inherency, Significance, Solvency 

2. This year's resolutional actor: The U.S. Federal Government 

3. A disadvantage is a: Significance argument 

4. A VIOLATION is not a component of a disadvantage. 

5. Solvency is NOT an offensive argument. 

6. A topicality press is NOT a mitigating argument. 

7. The listed component that's not a part of the structure of a topicality press: Limits 

8. A turn on an an argument: Link turn 

9. The listed type of inherency: Structural inherency 

10. An advocacy permutation: mandates the countplan in addition to the plan 

11. A kritik must have: An alternative

12. PIC stands for: Plan Inclusive Counterplan 

13. Declaring conditionality applies to: Counterplans